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We provide Maths & English workbooks for primary children aged 3-9 years old. It’s a time when many of you parents may feel overwhelmed by the pressures of educating your children at home. Our booklets provide a simple solution for you and your family.

Our aim is to produce accessible, affordable & quick to download resources to keep your child engaged and stimulated during the lockdown and beyond. Our helpful and much needed downloads are only a few clicks away!

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What are people’s experiences?

Our family found these to be fun and clear. I thought they were helpful and useful to practice and progress their skills. They have been well thought through, are functional and convenient to use. They support my heart to teach my children. Thank you!


Mum of 3

Both my children completed their booklets in a few days and it was lovely to see them enjoying these bright, colourful and age appropriate questions. The certificate at the end was lovely as they felt confident they had done well. Thank you!


Father of 2

I thought they were well laid out, easy to read and work through. My son completed them in 1 sitting for each book. He found the first ones easy so we moved him onto some harder ones. Well done, good job!


Mum to 5 Year Old

My daughter did the addition booklet. She really enjoyed it. She liked the pictures – I thought these really helped her! The little character ‘to help’ made answering the questions more fun.


Mum of 2

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